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Poppy Whipped Tallow

Poppy Whipped Tallow

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Poppy Whipped Tallow, is a nutrient-rich body butter that effortlessly seeps into your skin to rejuvenate and repair your skin's natural barrier. Our Poppy Whipped Tallow Balm is lightly scented with orange essential oil and organic vanilla bean, which creates a sweet and delicate aroma. This bio-available balm is made with locally sourced tallow and handpicked violet leaves from our organically grown garden infused in organic olive oil, providing a deeply nourishing and buttery texture that leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Poppy Whipped Tallow is a homage to a very sweet cow named Poppy. Poppy was dearly loved and spent her days grazing on fresh grass at The Whipped Creamery. When I joined The Whipped Creamery's crew in 2022, Poppy was the first cow I learned to milk. She was so patient with me learning how to properly milk her. Poppy was a delightful jersey that gave the most delicious milk, she truly was a special cow. Unfortunately, she passed away last year. We miss her friendly face every day. We hope this tallow balm makes you smile and reminisce about those who are gone but are not forgotten.

We choose to infuse violet leaves into this tallow balm not only for the skin healing benefits but also because the heart-shaped leaf of the violet plant is also known as "heart ease' as is said to "comfort and strengthen the heart" and ease emotional upset. When used topically as an infused oil violet leaves ease inflammation and soothe skin irritations.

Ingredients: Locally sourced Tallow, Violet Leaves infused in Organic Olive Oil, Organic Vanilla Bean, Essential oil


To maintain the balm's longevity, avoid introducing water, as it can introduce bacteria and shorten its shelf life. Tallow solidifies at room temperature and may harden in cold environments, especially during winter. Simply warm it up between your palms if this occurs.

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